Selected Professional Experience

2018. ARTWALK, Little India 2018

2017 - 2018. Photographic Documentation for National Gallery

2015 - 2017. Photographer for M.A Ballet

2012 - 2017. B.E Hospitality / URBANE.ex, Singapore Region.

2015. Video Editor for Shubigi Rao

2015. Artist Assistant for Chen Sai Hua Kuan

2012 - 2013. Assistant for Richard Kang under Tinseltown Production.

2013. Event photographer assistant for J.P Morgan, under Tinseltown Production

2013. Fine Art paintings; handled studio equipments outside of a studio workspace.

2013. Product photography for a client inside a warehouse.

2013. Event photography for a 20th birthday party in a club. 

2012. Video editor for Audi under Tinseltown Production.



2015-2017: BA (Hons) in Fine Arts

2012-2015: Diploma in Fine Arts, Photography Major

2010-2011: Nitec in Visual Communication

2005-2006: Nitec in Mechanical Engineering 


Awards, Exhibitions, Collaborations, Shortlists

2018. Art Moves by TCC

2017. 2017 Untapped Discovery

2017. The Lasalle Show 2017

2016. Collaboration with Jeremy Sharma for Endgame

2015. The Winston Oh Travel Practice Award

2015, Noise Singapore 2015 Festival Exhibition

2015, The Lasalle Show 2015

2015. Fantastic Rubbish: For The Love Of Locality

2014. In a space across from you

2012. Lasalle Workshop Exhibition: Photography

2011. Reach The Stars, Crowbar Awards Shortlisted Candidates




Ng Wu Gang is a visual artist and a photographer from Singapore. His works are mainly documentary-based that narrates a story through his images. In majority of his works, he has documented his father going though a hard time after he was diagnosed with cancer. Although his father has passed on in November 2015, Wu Gang plans to do one last project where he documents his father's personal belongings and how it ties in with his personal memory, or feeling with the object or space.

While pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts, Wu Gang has participated in various group shows with his peers such as the Noise Festival (2015), and was the recipient of the Winston Oh Travel Award (2015).